Please be advised that we will be adjusting the rates for some of our residential products. These adjustments are as a result of our continued investment in our network to provide LTE mobile technology, high-speed broadband and sophisticated television services. It also means building the capacity for future innovative services and products that will further connect communities and transform lives. We remain committed to delivering on this mission as well as providing our customers with the most optimal telecommunications experience. Residential Postpaid Mobile out of plan data rate Change takes effect on July 1st, 2018. See Below table for out of plan rates.

Out of plan rates for Postpaid mobile
Voice calls - Local Daytime Evening Weekend
Calls to Flow numbers $0.18 $0.18 $0.18
Calls to other numbers $0.38 $0.38 $0.38
Voice calls - international      
Calls to Flow Caribbean numbers $0.18 $0.18 $0.18
Calls to USA, Canada, UK & Ireland $0.38 $0.35 $0.28
Calls to rest of the World $0.68 $0.53 $0.43
Other Destinations* $0.83 $0.58 $0.58
Text messaging      
Local $0.10 per text $0.10 per text $0.10 per text
International $0.20 per text $0.20 per text $0.20 per text
Calls to retrieve voicemail free free free
Out of plan data rate** $0.13 per MB $0.13 per MB $0.13 per MB
*Other Destinations: Antarctica, Ascension, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cuba-Guantanamo, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Solomon Islands, Guinea Bissau, Norfolk Islands, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Syrian Arab Republic, Vanuatu (Republic of).
**Excludes MyPlan (contract & no contract) and Mobile Value Plans, which are charged at 0.16 cents per MB.
Go to to see details on the latest plans for postpaid mobile. Choose a plan with calling minutes, mobile data and text to suit your needs. Plus roaming options available to stay connected at the best rates when off island.