Your credit can expire within 90 days or up to 365 days, depends on the value of your credit balance. See below table for details -

Credit balance
Expires in
$5 to $9.99
90 Days
$10 to $19.99
120 Days
$20 to $49.99
180 Days
$50 or More
365 Days

Your prepaid mobile account status will remain in an active state once you top-up before your credit expires. You must add a minimum of $5 credit. Each top up will re-set your credit balance expiry.

You will see a low balance (no credit) message if:

  • Your credit has been used in full (zero balance) or
  • Your credit has reached its expiration date

When your account is in low balance state you will be able to receive calls and text messages, be able to recharge your account, and contact customer care or emergency numbers.

You can re-activate your account by topping up.

If you do not top-up/recharge your account within 90 days after being in low balance (no credit) state, the account will expire.