Prepaid mobile data has convenient automatic renewal

When your data plan is about to expire, we’ll send you a text message advising that your current plan is being renewed. Funds will then be deducted from your credit balance, automatically. There’s nothing you need to do – except enjoy uninterrupted social media, web surfing and video streaming.

Running on empty? Top up your credit balance. As always, you’re in complete control of your spending.

With daily, weekly and monthly data PLANS starting at just $1 for one day, there’s something to suit everyone.

Get a Prepaid mobile data plan today, via the My Flow app, or by dialing *129# on your Flow Prepaid mobile phone.

Automatic renew does not apply to 1-day plans.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is auto-renew?

A. Auto renew is a convenience feature enabled on your data plan so that your discounted price data service will continue without interruption.


Q. Will all my add-on plans automatically renew?

A. All data plans except 1-day plans auto-renew.


Q. What if I don’t have enough money in my account?

A. If you don’t have sufficient funds for auto renew then your data plan renewal will not go through. When this happens you will be notified that you are now being billed for data service on pay as you go rates (higher than the plan rates).


Q. Can I stop the Auto-renew process?

A. Absolutely, you can stop the auto-renew any time between when you buy a plan and when it auto renews simply by dialing *787# then pressing Send. For ease of remembering the code you can use the alphabet characters *STP# then press Send. You will receive immediate confirmation that request has been received and that auto-renew has been stopped.


Q. Will stopping auto-renew for one plan stop it every time I purchase that plan?

A. No, you will need to stop the auto-renew by sending the *787# after every purchase.


Q. Can I stop auto-renew via the My Flow Self-care App?

A. At this time, stopping auto-renew is not available on the My Flow app.


Q. Can I see if my plan will or will not auto-renew via the My Flow Self-care App?

A. At this time, this functionality is not available on the My Flow app.


Q. What happens if I buy another plan before my current plan auto-renews

A. The last plan that you purchase is the one that will auto-renew. Every time you purchase a data plan the new plan will replace the old plan in the auto renewal process. For example if you buy a 1GB 30-day plan on the 1st of the month and a 7-day plan on the 5th, the 7-day plan will auto-renew on the 30th and the 30 day plan will not auto-renew at all.


Q. Will auto-renew be cancelled if I use all the data allowance in my plan

A. No, auto-renew is based on the expiration date of your plan and not the usage amount. However, if you run out and purchase a new plan before the auto-renew takes place, remember the new plan will replace the old one when it is automatically renewed.


Q. Can I stop the auto-renew while roaming? If so, will I be charged?

A. Yes, you can dial *STP# (*787#) while roaming. There is no charge for this activity either locally or roaming.


Q. Why do you have auto-renew?

A. We would like you to enjoy uninterrupted data experience and are always getting the best rates for data usage at a discount. However, you are always in control and can stop auto-renew at any time you want before the auto-renew transaction processes.


Q. Can I tell when my plan will auto-renew?

A. Absolutely. Go to the main USSD menu (*129#) and select the “Get Plan Status” option which will display all active plans that will be auto-renewing.