Update Blackberry Email Configuration - This easy guide will help you set up your Blackberry to receive and send email using your proper account settings. IMPORTANT: If you have not synchronized your account with the new system by logging in to the new webmail portal at, you will be unable to use the new settings below.

Step 1. Locate your Settings. Navigate through your icons by side swiping until you see a cog icon labelled as Settings. Click the Settings button to open the device settings.



Step 2. Open the Accounts configuration page Within the System Settings screen scroll down until you find Accounts. Click the Accounts icon to access the configurations page.

Step 3. Find the existing account, and open the configuration page to update the settings. Select the profile for your email account on the Accounts screen. Select Advanced at the bottom of the settings screen.

Step 4. Update the required fields. Update the Incoming (IMAP) Server Name: then Update the Outgoing (SMTP) Server Name:

Step 5. Click Done - Finished!