FLOW is in the final stages of preparing for a migration of all email accounts to a new platform due to Google's decision to end support and availability of the platform we use now.

Please type in the address line of your Internet Browser (or click the “Webmail” button on our home page) to log into your webmail and ensure that the portal is working for you and synchronized with your Google account.

If you haven't changed your email settings on your Smartphone/Tablet or PC please do so by following the instructions on our Getting Ready for the Conversion support page.

For instructions on updating Blackberry devices Click here

If you do not change your settings before July 1st 2015, you may lose access to your email account until these settings are updated. Before this date, your emails will work as normal.

Please ensure that you've logged into your new webmail ( and update all devices that you use to access your email now (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, smartphones, tablets etc.)

For assistance with updating your email settings, please visit our support page or call our Technical Support Team at 1-800-804-2994.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing email?

Google has decided to discontinue the edition of their email and apps platform that was made available for ISPs like FLOW.

Because of their decision, we must move all of the email accounts on our to another platform before the week of July 13th.  

What has changed?
The most noticeable change is the webmail login page is now hosted in a different location. Also, if you try to log into your email account from a Google login page, you will automatically be redirected to the new page.

Is the new login page secure?
The new login page exists at a secure site (SSL Encrypted) that we manage. The certificate for the site is owned and maintained by FLOW and resides in the same domain as your email ( This means that we are now managing both the login page and the security of your login. Essentially, Google is no longer where we create, store or manage passwords for our users.