We will install your new Broadband service within our service promise timeline, (60 Hours). Prior to installation, we will contact you to arrange a date convenient for you.

Installing the actual service can take (3-4 hours). Note: you will not be able to use your broadband or phone services until our technician has finished your installation.

Your main telephone socket will be fitted with a new faceplate if needed. Our technician will explain to you the purpose of a VDSL filter that he will connect to your phone jack if you are connected to a copper service.

A new modem (if needed) will be plugged directly into your wall jack or VDSL filter ensure to connect it to the designated section of the filter labeled (VDSL). Your new modem provides you with a hard-wired ethernet connection and available 2.4GH WiFi connection. Our FLOW engineer will be able to answer any questions you have. If you experience any issues or have questions with your new service, contact our customer service contact center by dialing 811 or 611 from a FLOW cell phone or landline number or 1-800-804-2994 from any service provider which is available 24/7.

Your existing telephone and computer equipment will not need to be replaced.

Note: Free installation includes installation to the first telephone point in your home. If you require the service to be extended to additional locations/points within your home, you may have an electrician of your choice to complete the work or we can have one of our qualified FLOW technicians to assist you with the required works at an hourly rate of $125 Monday through Saturday and $150 on Sundays.