You’ll see a boost for general browsing but there are some online activities where you’ll really see a difference. Here are just a few:

The whole family being online at the same time.

For families, or people in shared homes, it’s often frustrating. Your internet gets slower if lots of people are using it all at the same time. But with Superfast Broadband that's less of an issue. Your connection will still get slower, but because it's so much faster to start with, you’re unlikely to notice it.

Watching films and TV in high-definition

Renting or buying films over the internet is becoming more and more popular - partly because of how quick Superfast Broadband makes it. With 100Mb Superfast Broadband, for example, you could download a DVD-quality movie in less than a couple of minutes.


If you're a serious gamer, you need fast broadband. It can help performance of multiplayer games - ensuring you don't miss the crucial moment in a match on FIFA or a once-in-a-lifetime headshot in Call of Duty. But more importantly, it will let you download the games themselves, extra content and updates and patches very quickly, so you spend more time playing and less time waiting to play.

Video Calls

Phone calls are great, but sometimes you want to see the person you're speaking to, especially if you rarely get to see them in the flesh. Online video calls and conferences can be data-intensive, and the faster your connection the smoother your experience will be.