Postpaid mobile out of plan rates will change effective August 1, 2017 

 The postpaid mobile rates for voice calls and data usage outside the plan allocation will change. Please see below the new rates. 

New rates Daytime Evening Weekend
Voice calls - Local      
Calls to Flow numbers $0.18 $0.18 $0.18
Calls to other numbers $0.38 $0.38 $0.38
Voice calls - international      
Calls to Flow Caribbean numbers $0.18 $0.18  $0.18
Calls to USA, Canada, UK & Ireland $0.38 $0.35 $0.28
Calls to rest of the World $0.68 $0.53 $0.43
Calls to other countries* $0.83 $0.58 $0.58
Out of plan data rate $0.13 per MB $0.13 per MB $0.13 per MB


* Other countries - 

Antarctica, Ascension, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cuba-Guantanamo, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Solomon Islands, Guinea Bissau, Norfolk Islands, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Syrian Arab Republic, Vanuatu (Republic of).


Rate change for sharing postpaid mobile plans

Please be advised that as of August 1, 2017 the rate for numbers sharing minutes, texts and data on all postpaid mobile plans will be $25 per number. 


MyRoaming Base plan

The discounted pricing for the MyRoaming Base plan has been discontinued and the normal rate of $19.95 will apply as of 1 August 2017.