Flow Spin and Win competition 

Terms and conditions 


Q: What is the FLOW SPIN & WIN Text Promotion? 

A: FLOW’s SPIN & WIN Text Promotion is a promotion where players will have a chance to randomly win great prizes by spinning a virtual prize wheel! 


Q: How do I Play? 

A: Simply Text the word PLAY to 5463 (no charge) to subscribe to the promotion. Once subscribed you will receive a text containing a link that can be opened using your Smartphone’s internet browser which will direct you to an interactive Spin Wheel that you can click/touch to spin and determine if you’ve won a prize or not. Each day you will receive a link to play, every text received with a play link is $1. Clink the link to play again. 


Q: What can I win? 

A: SPIN & WIN prizes are $2 TopUP, $5 Top Up, $50 TopUp & $100 Cash $1000 Cash 


Q: How would I get my prize if I won? 

A: If you’re a lucky winner of Top Up/Credit your prize amount will be automatically sent to your balance within a few hours of winning. A text notification will also be sent informing you that the credit was delivered to your balance once the transaction is complete (prepaid only). If you’re a lucky winner of Cash an official representative from FLOW will contact you within 24- 48 hours business hours of winning providing you with the necessary collection information. 


Q: Can I win more than once? 

A: Yes. There are no restrictions on how many times you can win and be provided with an opportunity to Spin the Wheel for a prize. Just text SPIN to 5463 and you will receive a new link for a chance to Spin. Play as many times as you like. Each day you will receive a link to play, every text received with a play link is $1. Clink the link to play again. 


Q: Who is eligible to enter this promotion? 

A: All FLOW Prepaid and postpaid Smartphone users are eligible. 


Q: How much does it cost to play? 

A: Subscribe messages are free (PLAY sent to 5463).  You will be charged $1 when you receive the text containing the interactive Spin Wheel link. And for every time you receive the text with a link you will be charged $1. Daily links are sent. 


Q: Who is not eligible to enter this promotion? 

A: If you are a FLOW employee, your mobile number is registered in the name of a FLOW employee or if you are a third party staff member; OR If your mobile number is registered in the name of a company or other entity and/or is paid by the authorized legal representative of the company/other entity unless a written signed request sends the said company/other entity to the corresponding Sales Executive, specifically authorizing you to participate in this  Competition. OR If you are a FLOW employee, immediate relative, member of same household, 3rd Party partner, Franchisee OR your mobile number is registered in the name of a FLOW employee or if you are a third party staff member. 

The competition is not open to anyone under the age of 18. 


Q: How do I subscribe to the game? 

A: All Prepaid mobile customers will receive a text instructing them how to subscribe: Example WIN $1000 CASH + Free Top Up! Just Text SPIN to 5463 to WIN BIG! Click here: & see how easy it is for you to win. $1 per text 


Q: What happens after I subscribe? 

A: After subscribing you will receive a welcome message and thereafter a text with Spin wheel link from 4483. Charge of $1 for every link you receive, which will be sent once a day. 


Q: How do I unsubscribe from the game? 

A: Text STOP to 5463 and you will unsubscribe from the promotion. 


Q: I sent by text the word SPIN to 5463 and didn't receive a response from 4483 with my spin wheel but instead received a message stating delivery failed?   

A: You must have at least $1 on your phone for Spin Wheel messages to be sent to your phone successfully. If you do not have at least $1 we will not be able to send you a new spin wheel. 

While not typical, question responses can sometimes be delayed (over 60 seconds). Subscribers should not text in their responses to questions more than once and should wait for a system reply before sending in any additional responses. 


Q: What if I don’t have data on my phone? 

A: If you don’t have data on your Smartphone (which is required to open the Spin Wheel link) please dial *129# from your device and select one of the Data Plans available for activation. Once a data plan has been activated you can then re-visit the link for your chance at winning one of the great prizes available. If you have credit on your phone but no data plan, the pay as you go data rate will apply. 


Q: How long will Flow's spin & win run for? 

A: The promotion starts 19 September 2017 and is ongoing.